This can be tailored to suit the client. Here are 3 examples :-


  1. Privately on a one to one basis

Arranged to suit the objectives of the individual. It is best delivered in short sessions of 1 to 4 hours, and there can be as many of them as required


  1. To small groups

Where there are a few (maximum of 5) photographers who have a common level of understanding and want to develop their knowledge and skills. Again, the timing and delivery are the same as one to one tuition


  1. As workshops to clubs and similar organisations

Usually designed for camera clubs and other organisations. Generally, they are aimed at new members and members wishing to learn more about a specific aspect of photography, e.g. making better use of digital cameras, using layers in Photoshop and improving picture content and composition


Tuition can take place anywhere within reasonable travelling distance in the Chilterns area. Professional facilities are not necessary, except for larger groups such as clubs


Fees depend on the work required in preparation and the time taken in the delivery of the tuition. For example, a 2 hour, one to one session, on how to get more out of a digital camera would require little preparation. So the cost would be around £100 plus travelling expenses