Talks and Workshops

There is a small library of talks primarily for amateur audiences or camera clubs but they can be adapted to suit almost any audience. They are delivered for a modest fee plus travel expenses. In some circumstances, they may be waived for charitable organisations such as Rotary clubs


Full evening Talks

“Never a Bad Picture”

“What Makes a Good Picture”

“Night Time”

“Landscape Photography”

“My Best and Worst Photography”

“When the Sun Don’t Shine”


Short Talks

                                                    Entertainment               “Mischief with Photoshop”

“Selling your Pictures”

“Never a Bad Picture”


                              Camera Club Information               “The CACC and What it Does”

“PAGB and RPS Distinctions”


              Workshops and Educational talks             “Camera Controls for Beginners”

“Intermediate Digital Photography”

“Night Lighting”

“In the Judge’s Shoes”


Specific talks and workshops can be developed by special arrangement